Commercial Collections

Lewin & Baglio, LLP is the leader in innovative medical collections. We have expanded to our medical collection efforts to Commercial Collections for all medical providers. Our vast legal knowledge, our ability to litigate or arbitrate cases and our tenacity ensure your practice receives the maximized reimbursement for the services you provide. Whether you were underpaid or not paid at all, Lewin & Baglio, LLP can collect for you.

Our firm will handle reimbursement on all of your In-Network and Out-of-Network insurance claims. There are many facets to commercial insurance collections and many steps that must be followed to ensure a proper collection. Our firm will analyze your partial payments and verify the correct reimbursement was made. Our dedicated legal team utilizes the most up to date UCR/RC and Medicare Rate verification processes. Our staff will engage the commercial carrier to decipher the Multiplan Network Denials and work with the commercial carriers to get you claims paid. We have a well-established line of communication with insurance company attorneys and resolve claims quickly and efficiently.

Do not settle for partial reimbursement. This is a tactic that most carriers employ to save themselves money. Lewin & Baglio, LLP offers medical practitioners an outlet for reimbursement. You longer have to settle for what the carrier paid, let Lewin & Baglio, LLP compliment your current collections efforts and supercharge your reimbursement.


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