No Fault

A patient comes into your office with injuries sustained from an automobile accident. You are entrusted with the welfare of that patient. You examine and treat that patient. Subsequently, you submit a bill to the insurance company for payment for the necessary medical treatment your company has rendered. And even though you followed the procedures set forth by the insurance regulations and the guidelines from the insurance company, you nevertheless receive a denial from the insurance company denying your payment; or worse yet, you receive zero communication. We are your Solution! Our firm is uniquely positioned to handle BOTH Arbitration AND Litigation as we understand the ability to maximize results for you.

In the ever changing No-Fault arena, arbitration has become a viable solution for medical providers. Arbitration is generally less time consuming than litigating a matter. Additionally, the strict New York evidentiary rules are a bit more relaxed. Unlike many firms in the industry, Lewin & Baglio, LLP prides on being a top tier firm in both Arbitration and Litigation and very few firms take the time to completely and properly analyze each case to determine to best alternative to maximum the return for each client.

Our firm employs a unique and custom-tailored Active Arbitration Protocol for your files while respecting and understanding your individual needs. The APP ensures that each file is scrubbed clean looking at the necessary documentation to ensure a successful outcome. Our firm also utilizes proprietary documents and legal memoranda to further ensure a successful collection on your behalf.

Every case you entrust to our firm is reviewed and electronically filed within a matter of days, not weeks or months. This is a problem that plagues many firms without the necessary and appropriate staff. Each employee is well versed in No-Fault collections and understands the demanding nature of No-Fault Arbitration and the necessity for having the proper documentation the first time. Our No-Fault department is strictly dedicated to our No-Fault providers – we do not split our work staff.

Litigation offers providers many diverse options in the No-Fault collections arena. Although litigating a No-Fault matter is more time-consuming, it has distinct advantages for a health care provider. The New York rules of evidence are applied and insurance companies have to make a cost/benefit analysis to decide whether to send multiple witnesses and hire doctors to present a defense to the NF-10. Many times the result of this analysis is a fair settlement of your claim or possible loss to the carrier at trial. No matter what grounds, excuses, and reasons the insurance company set forth for their basis for denying you payment; no matter what legal issues arise in the collection of your No-Fault claims, we at Lewin & Baglio, LLP can help you get paid.

Very few attorneys who label themselves “No-Fault” specialists are truly that. This area of law in New York is extremely volatile and fast-paced. Choosing the wrong attorney can delay and even prevent the collection of your No-Fault bills. Choose attorneys who have vast litigation experience and are intimately familiar with the court system. Our Active Litigation Protocol pushes cases to Trial quickly. Our Associates are established names in the No-Fault legal community as among the strongest, smartest and fastest firms in the field. Our ability to push cases to trial and procure top dollar settlements or favorable judgments is second to none.

Our philosophy is simply, we believe we can successfully collect on virtually any properly submitted bill to the insurance carrier. Most insurance companies systematically and arbitrarily deny No-Fault bills. Then, the insurance company anticipates that the medical provider will:

  1. Not seek to collect on the bill or
  2. Seek reimbursement in arbitration or go to litigation.

This is where a skilled and seasoned attorney is a necessity.

To further understand our strengths, some of our attorneys began their careers as defense counsel for insurance companies. This familiarity with knowing how “the other side” defends No-Fault claims is an invaluable tool in the litigation process. Our members’ knowledge of the law and insurance company’s workings can successfully prevent the insurance company from producing any witness at trial.


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